Hybrid Holster - The Defender Pro Series by Raw Dog Tactical

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The Defender Pro Series

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    Don't settle for cheap imitation eBay holsters that lose retention!



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    1. Great holster for my XDs

      I've been using this as my EDC for about a month now. IWB at 5 o'clock. Good retention out of the box and I like that I have the ability to adjust it in the future if necessary.

      Great value!
      on 16th Feb 2018

    2. Great holster, great price!

      Good company, easy to do business with. I had a shoulder surgery and will be forced to carry and present my firearm with my off hand. I bought this holster for that reason thinking I would go as cheaply as I could as it will be temporary. To my surprise I love this holster and will order one for my strong side! on 16th Feb 2018

    3. Good quality

      Holster was exactly as explained on the website. Great quality and I feel the value was good. Shipped quickly. on 15th Feb 2018

    4. It's exactly what I wanted

      Like the title says it's exactly what I wanted . It carries good comfortable and easy to take on and off. on 13th Feb 2018

    5. I found the product comfortable and secure

      I found the product comfortable and secure thanks. on 11th Feb 2018

    6. IWB holster

      The Rawdogs tactical IWB holster is a great holster .. I own several different brands but carry the Rawdogs to work everyday. I also have the owb by them too in carbon fiber which is a nice holster but don't carry it very much. They do make good quality stuff. on 11th Feb 2018

    7. Holster

      I found the product comfortable and unnoticeable. Secure in its placement. Great conceal and carry holster. on 10th Feb 2018


      Very comfortable, secure and effortless draw. Holster stays where you put it. I am happy
      with it.
      on 10th Feb 2018

    9. Digging the single clip design and police blue

      The single clip is so much easier to use than the double clip designs of other hostler producers and it’s been very comfortable for all-day wear. Plus I like that I could pick a different color than black. on 10th Feb 2018

    10. IWB

      Great product so far. Comfortable even carrying a compact .45 on 9th Feb 2018

    11. The Last IWB Holster I'll Ever Have to Buy.

      I have literally spend over a thousand dollars on holsters over the years and built many, many designed and modifications of my own. Finally I'm done! I bought 2 of these for a couple of my guns to give them a try. After building many holsters on my own I was fairly schooled on what design could work. This one looked like a good pick, and it absolutely was. These holsters are very comfortable, you really forget you are even carrying a pistol. It's like it grew there. It gives you the option to position the gun to your preferred angle of draw, and is easily released but firmly held into the holster. It is also very easy to find the holster to re-holster the gun when it's time. I'll recommend these holsters to anyone that ask me for a nice comfortable holster inside or outside the waistband. I'm ordering 2 more for my other pistols as I write this review. Oh and I almost never write reviews good or bad. I have always felt it doesn't make a difference either way. But I was so impressed with the fit, function, and design of these holsters I took the time to write this one. on 9th Feb 2018

    12. High quality comfort

      Previously had several variations of holster from the extraterrestrial company and found the uncomfortable and bigger than needed. I also had to constantly tighten hardware and retention was always lacking. Family member recommended Raw Dog and glad I listened. Quick turn around, fast shipping, great price, and super high quality! Most importantly it has great retention and is super comfortable and stable. I would not hesitate to order from them again and highly recommend Raw Dog products to anyone. on 8th Feb 2018

    13. Great product Great price

      Is as advertised great sturdy holster fit and finish top notch Great price shipping was quick will be buying more in the future for my other pistols , purchased this one for my taurus g2 on 8th Feb 2018

    14. Best products

      I find that all product that i have purchased from RDT are best quality and great craftsmanship. on 8th Feb 2018

    15. Great product

      Great fit at 5 o'clock position on 8th Feb 2018

    16. I really like it

      Very nice and very comfortable. I carry a HK P30sk and it is comfortable on 7th Feb 2018

    17. I'm more than satisfied

      I use my holster every time I leave my home and enjoy it, its very concealable much smaller than others I've seen advertised. on 7th Feb 2018

    18. Very comfortable

      I have had my holster for just over a month now. It is very comfortable to wear and concealed great. Would definitely purchase their product again. on 7th Feb 2018

    19. Truly Amazing

      This holster is the best holster I have never purchased getting ready to buy one for each one of my guns truly love it. on 7th Feb 2018

    20. Pleased repeat customer

      I now have 3 of these holsters and love them! I'm a bigger guy and choose to appendix carry. If you are you know the trouble of finding one that is comfortable and will protect you from the "belly pinch". I have a Ruger LC9S and a S&W M&P 2.0 both that I carry religiously. I can conceal either on with nothing more than a t-shirt and can wear them all day. My day usually consists of 18-20 hours or being up and moving around. Very comfortable and nicely priced. Perfect amount of adjustable retention and cant on the clip over your belt. Highly recommend it to anyone looking for a well built holster that will do the job. on 6th Feb 2018

    21. Comfortable

      I don't carry every day, but when I do this holster with my Shield 9 feels great. I almost forget i'm wearing it. on 6th Feb 2018

    22. best holster made

      I like the single clip design the easy on easy off
      my first holster is a double clip and don't care for it

      on 5th Feb 2018

    23. Great Holster

      Very comfortable to wear . I will definitely will be buying another one soon . on 5th Feb 2018

    24. Great concealment holster

      This holster holds the weapon close to the body and also allows for quick deployment. The use of the one clip makes it easy on and off. As a law enforcement officer of twenty years and a former Pararesqueman, I appreciate this holster very much. on 5th Feb 2018

    25. Awesome Hoster

      Very comfortable hoster Don't even know my XD is there on 4th Feb 2018

    26. Great Product

      I love my holster...very well made and good quality too. on 4th Feb 2018

    27. why choose anything else

      unbelievable price for such a good product. holds firearm securely, is not bulky to wear, and the feature that I really like is that the leather part of the holster that is against the body, keeps all parts of the firearm off your skin. I have seen so many other holsters leave the back part of the slide exposed to contact with the skin. in hot weather this keeps sweat off of the firearm. on 4th Feb 2018

    28. Love this holster

      Love this holster! Such good quality, comfortable and visually appealing! on 3rd Feb 2018

    29. Just the best I've seen

      Best value in a holster on 3rd Feb 2018

    30. Love my holster

      I first got a holster for my M&P Shield .40... Now I have a Glock 43 and purchased another one. I have tried quite a few holsters and this has been the most comfortable and reliable holster. I would recommend these to anyone looking. on 2nd Feb 2018

    31. Raw dog holster

      Best there is for the price will buy morr on 2nd Feb 2018

    32. nice / comfortable holster

      good size and shape. love a single clip over double clip designs. excellent customer service. i called with on small issue, they listened and took care of me better than i expected.

      on 2nd Feb 2018

    33. Kick ass holster

      Love, Love, Love this holster. Very comfortable to carry all day. I've definitely become a huge fan of appendix carry. Highly recommend. on 2nd Feb 2018

    34. great product

      it's very comfortable it's good on the side very adjustable very good product I'll get me some more colors and I'll recommend to my friends on 1st Feb 2018

    35. They are the best

      Am so glad i bought these holsters. Am gonna be a raw dog customer for life. They make good shit. on 1st Feb 2018

    36. Amazing holsters!

      Fits my LC9 perfectly! Best holsters money can buy! Shipping was right on time. Excellent customer service. on 1st Feb 2018

    37. Simple and awesome

      Well made fit my m&p shield m2.0 perfectly you can't go wrong great holsters on 30th Jan 2018

    38. Great product

      Well made. Comfortable. on 29th Jan 2018

    39. The Perfect Holster for My everyday IWB Concealed Carry.

      I’ve tried many holsters from not too expensive to expensive ones, From IWB to OWB. This Holster is Perfect, My firearm feels secure, The Holster is well made, Very comfy and not expensive. I’m Very Happy and Im Definately getting and couple more for My Wife’s firearm and my second concealed carry firearm of choice. Thank You Raw Dog. on 28th Jan 2018

    40. Wouldn’t choose another

      Honestly the most comfortable IWB holster I’ve ever worn, no digging, no imprints and doesn’t make your skin sweat at contact area. Craftsmanship is high quality and durable. Would recommend this product to anyone.
      on 28th Jan 2018

    41. IWB Holsters Springfield MOD 2, GLOCK 19

      Love these holsters as they are extremely comfortable. I purchased other Kydex holsters and they are good but extremely uncomfortable while at the 3 position. The leather backing makes the difference in wearing my GLOCK 19 or Springfield. Comfort is everything and retention is great as well. Fantastic product at a great price. That's why I purchased 2...thanks Raw Dog!!!! on 28th Jan 2018

    42. Most comfortable holster ever!

      I absolutely love my IWB Raw Dog Tactical holster for my .40 Springfield XDS 3.3 everyday carry.
      It's leather back is extremely comfortable. It's nice sturdy and doesn't leave a print on me. By far the best holster I've ever worn. I'll never go back to any other brand. They gained a life-long customer.
      on 27th Jan 2018

    43. Almost forget it's on

      This is a very comfortable holster, I have 3 a right and a left hand draw for a shield, and a right hand draw for a sig. on 26th Jan 2018

    44. The Best

      I buy one every time I get another handgun. on 25th Jan 2018

    45. I can enjoy iwb again shield 9mm

      Seen raw dog tactical ads, read few reviews on gun forums etc. I like the simple effective design it's well thought out.
      I'm a big guy so iwb for me if hard. Alot of iwb are to bulky, no adjustable retention can only carry in one position.
      Raw dog got it right for me. Leather backing against the body, sometimes I wear a shirt behind it but sometimes not, isn't a problem either way leather is soft against the skin for extended periods of time. I carry 4-430 position, comfortable in the car hardly notice it's there. Adjustable retention is a plus no need to take heat gun to adjust it like some others. The holster clip works great able to remove one handed. Wish i would of found raw dog tactical long ago, would of saved me $ from drawer full of holsters i have from previous trial an error.
      Great job Raw Dog, I'm a believer.
      on 24th Jan 2018

    46. Great Holster

      I have tried several different kydex holsters in the past this is the first one I haven't returned. Very comfortable and secure fitting holster. Great product at a fair price. on 22nd Jan 2018

    47. Favorite

      My wife and I, both use Raw Dog Tactical to carry... on 21st Jan 2018

    48. Love it

      Best holster I've ever had. . . . on 21st Jan 2018

    49. Good holster

      I usually use leather. But I got this for my new Glock 19. I love it. It holds the gun well and I have not noticed any imprinting. I'll probably be ordering some for my 1911s. on 21st Jan 2018

    50. My holster

      I will have to say I love my iwb holster. I have a Alien gear the is not as comfortable as my Raw Dog. Love it on 21st Jan 2018

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