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The Guardian

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    1. Love it!

      I have wasted a lot of money on horrible holsters that neither conceal nor are comfortable or easy. Love my Raw Dog Holsters! Easy, comfortable and conceal very well. I love the color selection and the overall quality too. You won't be disappointed! on 23rd Apr 2018

    2. It is a good holster. love it .

      It fits good the gun stayes tight and in a good place. When I get me another pistol I will get me a holster from y'all. on 18th Apr 2018

    3. The Guardian and magzine

      Top quality and fits perfectly on 12th Apr 2018

    4. Top quality!

      I am sold on your products! on 12th Apr 2018

    5. Absolutely Fantastic

      I’ve had this holster about a month and it is great! It fits my pistol perfectly! Thanks Raw Dog Tactical, it is fantastic! on 11th Apr 2018

    6. The Guardian

      It’s absolutely perfect!! on 7th Apr 2018

    7. Great Holster For OWB

      I use this holster for when I'm wearing my M&P 2.0 to the range, or when I'm carrying under a heavy coat or sweatshirt and don't want to carry IWB. I've used this holster to carry both at 3 O'Clock or 4 O'Clock. on 6th Apr 2018

    8. Great quality, great color, terrific fit!

      I purchased a carbon fiber OWB for my Glock 30SF. Came to me in about a week and that’s after being CUSTOM HAND MADE!!! The fit is great, the materials are second to none and I love the fact that I can increase or decrease the tension according to my liking. Most commercial Kydex holsters are 1 and done and if it’s too tight, you have to heat it up yourself and risk destroying it. If it’s too loose, again heat it and risk destroying it.

      Raw Dog Tactical didn’t just create the mold for a great holster, they destroyed it and made a new one just for them and their customers. I already ordered another for another Glock and one for my new Kimber.

      Thanks RDT!!!!
      on 5th Apr 2018

    9. Finally

      Finally. An adjustable tension holster that stays together. Have requested hardware from another company with zero results. Thank you. on 1st Apr 2018


      High quality, and stays on belt secure. on 31st Mar 2018

    11. Best Holster!

      I purchased this holster for my Glock 27 I have tried many holsters and none of them are as comfortable and quality built as this one I have highly recommend this holster !!! on 24th Mar 2018

    12. Guardian owb

      Nice and tight to the body. Good retention. Good fit. Comfortable to wear. 2nd holster bought from raw dog and the second time the hit it out of the park. on 23rd Mar 2018

    13. Very nice!

      Holds tight to body and is comfortable to wear. Retention is great. Think I’ll buy the iwb also. on 23rd Mar 2018

    14. Love IT

      Very nice looking, and solid holster. Fits great, fits the gun, strong clip, and feels solid. Just what the Dr. ordered. on 23rd Mar 2018

    15. Best holster I’ve bought yet!

      I have bought two (OWB) of these for two different guns easily best value for the money. Fits my S&W SD .40 and Taurus G2 9mm perfectly. on 22nd Mar 2018

    16. Nice holster!

      Love the size and how close it tucks to the body for an owb holster fits my Glock 26 like a glove. The carbon fiber that I got looks great as well as the fit and finish. Retention is great as well. I have always been on the fence about using kydex as this is my first one because of the worry of wear on my firearm. So far now wear on the gun but only time will tell. That said for the price I don’t think you can go wrong with this product! on 22nd Mar 2018

    17. Great holster

      I have two IWB & OWB both are excellent. Very comfortable wear holds the pistol great. Will buy another for my S&W. on 18th Mar 2018

    18. Great holster

      Been looking for a good holster for my KHAR 9mm and I finally found it. on 17th Mar 2018

    19. Guardian OWB

      Gun fits well,and my gun(Sringfield XDM 4.5 .40 cal.) is a full size hand gun..Easy to adjust if need. The belt clips retain the holster securely and close to the body.I would recommend this holster to others. on 14th Mar 2018

    20. Great holster

      This is my 3rd holster from Raw Dog. And I love them. I have shoes them to my friends and they ordered some. on 14th Mar 2018

    21. Awesome service and Holster!

      It came really fast! feels great! perfect fit for a Kahr CM 9. would highly recommend it! on 12th Mar 2018

    22. Best holster I’ve ever had

      Solid,comfortable,sharp looking. Retention is a solid and audible “click”. I ordered the carbon fiber finish and it looks incredible!.I will certainly tell my shooting buddies about RawDog tactical! on 12th Mar 2018

    23. So far I like it

      After 3 or 4 weeks of using the Rawdog OWB holster everyday, I like the comfort of it. It is very light and durable. I will continue to see how it does but right now it looks like a winner. on 11th Mar 2018

    24. Quality Budget holster

      I am a CCL Instructor, I took on a project for the benefit of my Students, to see what effective and dependable CCL system could be make and available. I am very particular to what holsters I use. I decided to use one of these in the project and I was greatly surprised. This holster shocked me as the quality is there. It rides great and is totally comfortable as bigger name ones. The retention is awesome. I can see me recommending this to students and purchasing more in the future. Keep up the great work. on 9th Mar 2018

    25. Outstanding

      This is the 7th holster I've bought from Raw dog. Quality is always on point, and their customer service is as good as it gets. on 9th Mar 2018

    26. Perfect

      Fits like a glove. No movement no matter where I position it. on 9th Mar 2018

    27. guardian

      This is a good quality holster on Ellen three of them for my weapon that carry most often daily I like the retention, the easy on and off of my belt is everything they say it is very proud about it. on 8th Mar 2018

    28. Great holster

      Great holster , I am very pleased with it .
      Very comfortable, even with my sd9ve .
      I would recommend it over anything I have used .
      on 8th Mar 2018

    29. Exactly what I needed and wanted

      Raw Dogg Tactical makes a great quality holster. I recommend everyone to try their custom product made to fit perfect. Thank you on 7th Mar 2018

    30. The best holster I have ever owned

      I got iwb holster for from this great company for my Sd40ve and had it for about year I carry that weapon faithfully every day well the the holster broke called rawdog up and had new holster with in days fantastic product fantastic customer service and ready to buy my next holster on 6th Mar 2018

    31. Awesome and comfortable

      I received the holster in about a week, it fits my pistol perfectly and the carbon fiber finish is sharp you can’t even feel it on your side very comfortable well made holster on 2nd Mar 2018

    32. It's perfect

      It fits perfect, exactly what I wanted. on 2nd Mar 2018

    33. Customer Service And Warranty

      Recently I contacted customer service in regards to my Guardian Holster that I purchased back in Sept of 2017. I explained the issue that came up and after a couple of emails and a few pictures that I sent to them, they told me that I'll have a new Holster in a few days. The reason for this review is to let everyone know that Rawdog is a great company to do business with. If for any reason you are undecided about buying there holster, I recommend that you do so. They have quality and comfortable Holsters at reasonable pricing, they ship quickly, the best and friendliest customer service I've ever dealt with and Rawdog stands behind their Lifetime Warranty. I own several of their holsters that I've purchased or received as gifts and I will continue to buy from Rawdog Tactical. Keep up the great job Rawdog!!!!!! on 1st Mar 2018

    34. Best value holster I have found

      This makes the 8th guardian holster I've purchased. I have one for almost all of mine and my wife's handguns (mix of IWB OWB) great value, comfortable and solid. on 28th Feb 2018

    35. Great Product

      This holster is a great product everyday use would recommend on 28th Feb 2018

    36. Great carry option

      I purchased the Guardian for my Springfield XD 45 MOD2 3.3. I had normally carried this weapon with a Blackhawk holster OWB strong side. I wanted something that would conceal better than the Blackhawk. The guardian does what I need it to. It sits well on the belt line, higher than the Blackhawk with the paddle back. This allows less of the barrel to be exposed, the protection on the side of the gun facing your body is good and prevents the slide from digging into my side. The retention on the weapon is good, as it feels secure without having to fight to get it out of the holster. The belt loops are good, and have a hook design to help grab the bottom edge of the belt to keep the holster secure on your belt, but still easy enough to put on and take off. I would recommend this for anyone looking for a good OWB holster with good concealment. on 26th Feb 2018

    37. guardian

      I purchased the guardian owb for my glock 43 and I very happy with it. the gun fits perfectly and there is no movement. I really like how the trigger is covered and it is really easy to remove the gun from the holster. I will be buying more for my other glocks on 24th Feb 2018

    38. Great

      Fits perfect and well made , customer service was great also . on 24th Feb 2018

    39. OWB holster

      I purchased one of these holsters for my DB9. The color is OD GREEN and it matches the color of my handgun perfectly. The gun also fits just right. Plus you can't beat the price! Thanks for a great product. on 24th Feb 2018

    40. Happy Happy Happy

      Love the holster work's like it should. Thanks Raw Dawg!!! I will recommend this product too all of the family and friends. on 23rd Feb 2018

    41. Guardian

      I bought the concealed holster first and was so pleased I bought the owb holster. Much nicer than I expected! I use it most of the time because it makes my Sig very concealed also. on 23rd Feb 2018

    42. Good quality

      The product is well made for price you pay. Nice product and it fits my pistol perfectly. on 23rd Feb 2018

    43. Several years later & still going strong

      I purchased the cz75p01 holster several years ago and it is still in great shape! Gun fits wonderfully just like the day I got it. on 22nd Feb 2018

    44. Best Holster

      I've tried several holsters but the Guardian is by far the best for my Sig 239. It has perfect fit, doesn't make any noise and with a good gun belt fits perfectly against my body. I liked it so much I ordered a mag carrier and a second holster for my Ruger LCRx. on 21st Feb 2018

    45. Great product Great price uscita

      Purchased the OWB for my Springfield XD .45 great holster fits like a glove. Going to order another for my SW 9mm. on 19th Feb 2018

    46. Best holster

      When you buy Raw Dog you will recive the best holster an the last holster you will need to buy unless you get a new gun an then another Raw Dog on 15th Feb 2018

    47. Comfortable!

      The holster I purchased I have found to be the most comfortable holster I own and easy to conceal. on 14th Feb 2018

    48. Better then I would have expected

      It fit the gun 100% look great it was a gift for my step dad and it seems to fit his needs on 14th Feb 2018

    49. Comfortable, affordable, and perfect for me

      Over time I, like many, have spent a LOT of money on holsters. It's not often that I can find a style that is comfortable, adaptable to carry positioning, affordable, AND keeps cold metal away from warm skin. When I purchased my first leather/kydex IWB holster (following the advice of a good friend) I found that the leather did not easily conform to my waist shape. That holster was approx. 8.5 inches from front to rear, with the belt clips being 7.5 inches apart. Even though I'm nowhere near being "skinny", my waist curves quite a bit over an 8 inch span. My 2nd purchase was the Defender IWB from Raw Dog Tactical. At approximately 4.5 inches total (front to rear), I was able to easily find a comfortable carry position as my situation changed (seated, standing, etc). Being pleased, I bought the OWB Guardian for when I'm working outside and needing more comfort than concealment.

      I DEFINITELY made the right choice ! Being only 4 inches front to rear, and having a built-in curve that fits comfortably in several positions, I find myself wearing it more than any other - but switching back to the Defender when I want it hidden better.

      My normal EDC is a S&W Bodyguard .380, so it's still a little hard to see in an OWB carry.

      The Guardian, even though I bought it on a whim, turned out to be a GREAT purchase. I'm now considering another order for my larger handguns, and doubt I'd be disappointed or have anything bad to say about it.
      on 14th Feb 2018

    50. Solid OWB holster

      Guardian OWB holster is extremely easy to get onto my belt and to wear. The Kydex design offers great retention so I don’t have to worry about losing the gun out of the holster. on 11th Feb 2018