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The Guardian

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    1. Love how it feels

      I love how it fits shape of my gun and hold it on 16th Jul 2018

    2. Lightweight

      Lightweight and slim. No miss no fuss. Very happy with this purchase on 14th Jul 2018

    3. Best holster I've owned!

      I purchased this holster with some misgivings, due to the low price. I was pleasantly surprised, when it arrived. Like most, I have a "holster drawer" with many brands. And some very expensive. Leather, Nylon, Hybrid, you name it. Without a doubt, the Guardian is far and away the best fitting holster I now own. The adjustable retention allows me to fit my firearm perfectly, the clips keep it close to my side, and the adjustable cant, ensures I can wear this in a variety of positions. I only wish I'd looked at this holster a LONG time ago!. Keep up the good work, folks. I'll be recommending you to all my friends! on 14th Jul 2018

    4. Top quality...

      The fit, finish and functionality of this holster is perfect and did I mention the price point is awesome as well... on 14th Jul 2018

    5. Happy Customers!

      I have a gun shop and have been looking for a quality holster to offer my customers that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. I have found that in the RAWDOG holsters. They are a great quality holster that my customers are really liking. Keep up the great work. on 14th Jul 2018

    6. Tbe big reason I like it.

      Im a 36year retired military and LEO, now CCW carrier. This holster allows me to carry the pistol off safe, because of the snug, custom fit around the trigger. on 13th Jul 2018

    7. What a great company.

      I have purchased for holsters and one belt from this company. The quality of the product the customer service the customer support the friendliness everything about this company and product this is great. This will be the only place I buy my holsters from here out. Every holster I have purchased is impeccable. What a great Company and what a great product thank you Rod dog tactical. on 7th Jul 2018

    8. awesome

      I bought this holster about a month ago and love it. It fits my kimber perfectly. In fact I am going to buy a holster for my sig sauer also.
      on 6th Jul 2018

    9. Just what I was looking for!

      THE GUARDIAN was exactly what I was looking for. Small easy to put on, easy to take off holster for my LC9 that I carry 99% of the time. It holds my firearm at just the right angle for easy access. Very impressed with the quality at such a great price! on 5th Jul 2018

    10. s&w 380 ez

      it fits very snug and is very comfortable. no problem drawing it out either. it's a nice addition to my s&w 380. fits like a glove just as it was said to. on 4th Jul 2018

    11. Outstanding Holster!

      My entire family used these holsters during a 4-day defensive handgun course, and they exceeded our expectations. on 23rd Jun 2018

    12. 24/7 compact

      I purchased the product but personality I have not used it but it does fit perfectly on 19th Jun 2018

    13. Excellent

      Awesome owb holster good retention on 13th Jun 2018

    14. Great product

      Very useful and the design helps to keep the gun very close to the body on 11th Jun 2018

    15. Excellent Holster

      I love this holster, fits my gun perfectly and very light weight. My GUARDIAN is now my EDC holster. on 8th Jun 2018

    16. Awesome product

      Love the holster probably goibg to order a iwb holster for me ans another owb for the wife. Holster in now apart of my edc very good built holster couldn't be happier with it on 6th Jun 2018

    17. Excellent Holster

      Excellent holster, very comfortable and great retention.
      very affordable, and great customer service!
      on 4th Jun 2018

    18. Great Holster!

      I was so impressed with this holster, I bought 2 more. Now I are for each of my carry pistols. Great design with the adjustable retention. on 3rd Jun 2018

    19. Good stuff Brother.

      Very good piece of equipment. Ultra comfortable, with a good retension for a secure carry. Also a nice small footprint. All in All I give it an A+ on 3rd Jun 2018

    20. Made it right

      Awesome holster and excellent customer service. RawDog standd behind their product and makes it right. Will be ordering again. Can't beat the price. on 31st May 2018

    21. Exceed expectations

      Product is as advertised. Perfect fit for my Glock, comfortable and loos great. on 31st May 2018

    22. Great value in holster at an awesome price!

      Great value in holster at an awesome price! I liked this holster so much for my Sig P365, that I also ordered the IWB version. I have spent at lot more money on other brands and I like these from Raw Dog more. Would recommend and also buy for my S&W Shield! on 30th May 2018

    23. Just Right!!!

      I love these holsters. Perfect fit with all my handguns. Will be getting more for my future handgun purchases. on 24th May 2018

    24. Great holster

      great holster ,

      Use it every day , stays in place on my belt and fits my compact vary well.
      on 20th May 2018

    25. Secure, Confident, Smooth

      I have been instructing conceal carry for over 20 years, and many students ask's me "what is a good quality holster?" For long time struggled, to tell them as we are all different, and for long time a quality holster cost some decent money. Well, not anymore!! I got this holster to try and see if it will fill the need of some students and I am very impressed by it. The holster is secure, in that that with some dynamic drill's I do, it stay's on the belt. The retention in my opinion is perfect. The draw stroke is not impeded and holstering is smooth and secure. For the money, this is the best deal going. on 16th May 2018

    26. Love the holster..

      The OWB Guardian is amazing very comfortable holster, it holds the gun very well and is very easy to unholster and re holster. Love it I would recommend it to anyone.. on 16th May 2018

    27. Kimber U.C. 2

      Fits like a champ. High quality craftsmanship and materials. on 13th May 2018

    28. Beyond expectations

      I just received mine and my wife's holsters and i have to say i was blown away by the quality of this holster. Like others we have spent lots of money looking for the right holster and we've found it with the raw dog tactical owb on 12th May 2018

    29. Real deal

      This is a great holster on 12th May 2018



    31. OWB

      Great product couldnt be happier! on 10th May 2018

    32. Always exceeds Expectations!

      This is my 2nd holster for myself and always, pure perfection. I just place an order for my dad, he has a Ruger LCP and he loved how my G42 fit in it. Amazing workmanship and never defeated! Heading to the range this week to test it out. Thanks for the great work guys. on 7th May 2018

    33. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

      Very pleased with my purchases!
      I will get more items in the future.
      on 29th Apr 2018

    34. My holsters exceed my expectations

      Probably the most comfortable owb holster I’ve ever had. Fits my weapon perfectly. I’m very happy. on 29th Apr 2018

    35. My go to holster

      This is my 3rd holster from Raw Dog. Great quality, great fit in gun. I like the Guardian cause I can wear it on the hip, appendix or cross draw. The price is right. Will buy again.. on 27th Apr 2018

    36. Love it!

      I have wasted a lot of money on horrible holsters that neither conceal nor are comfortable or easy. Love my Raw Dog Holsters! Easy, comfortable and conceal very well. I love the color selection and the overall quality too. You won't be disappointed! on 23rd Apr 2018

    37. It is a good holster. love it .

      It fits good the gun stayes tight and in a good place. When I get me another pistol I will get me a holster from y'all. on 18th Apr 2018

    38. The Guardian and magzine

      Top quality and fits perfectly on 12th Apr 2018

    39. Top quality!

      I am sold on your products! on 12th Apr 2018

    40. Absolutely Fantastic

      I’ve had this holster about a month and it is great! It fits my pistol perfectly! Thanks Raw Dog Tactical, it is fantastic! on 11th Apr 2018

    41. The Guardian

      It’s absolutely perfect!! on 7th Apr 2018

    42. Great Holster For OWB

      I use this holster for when I'm wearing my M&P 2.0 to the range, or when I'm carrying under a heavy coat or sweatshirt and don't want to carry IWB. I've used this holster to carry both at 3 O'Clock or 4 O'Clock. on 6th Apr 2018

    43. Great quality, great color, terrific fit!

      I purchased a carbon fiber OWB for my Glock 30SF. Came to me in about a week and that’s after being CUSTOM HAND MADE!!! The fit is great, the materials are second to none and I love the fact that I can increase or decrease the tension according to my liking. Most commercial Kydex holsters are 1 and done and if it’s too tight, you have to heat it up yourself and risk destroying it. If it’s too loose, again heat it and risk destroying it.

      Raw Dog Tactical didn’t just create the mold for a great holster, they destroyed it and made a new one just for them and their customers. I already ordered another for another Glock and one for my new Kimber.

      Thanks RDT!!!!
      on 5th Apr 2018

    44. Finally

      Finally. An adjustable tension holster that stays together. Have requested hardware from another company with zero results. Thank you. on 1st Apr 2018


      High quality, and stays on belt secure. on 31st Mar 2018

    46. Best Holster!

      I purchased this holster for my Glock 27 I have tried many holsters and none of them are as comfortable and quality built as this one I have highly recommend this holster !!! on 24th Mar 2018

    47. Guardian owb

      Nice and tight to the body. Good retention. Good fit. Comfortable to wear. 2nd holster bought from raw dog and the second time the hit it out of the park. on 23rd Mar 2018

    48. Very nice!

      Holds tight to body and is comfortable to wear. Retention is great. Think I’ll buy the iwb also. on 23rd Mar 2018

    49. Love IT

      Very nice looking, and solid holster. Fits great, fits the gun, strong clip, and feels solid. Just what the Dr. ordered. on 23rd Mar 2018

    50. Best holster I’ve bought yet!

      I have bought two (OWB) of these for two different guns easily best value for the money. Fits my S&W SD .40 and Taurus G2 9mm perfectly. on 22nd Mar 2018