Hybrid Holsters - Designed For Minimalist Every Day Carry - Raw Dog Tactical




It is important that your gun stays in the holster, over time as the holster breaks in, it will loosen. Our holsters never get loose because we have integrated an adjustable retention system into all of our holster designs. Almost all other companies will use cheap rivets and have no adjustable retention and will tell you to heat your holster with a hair dryer to gain back retention. Do you really want to take the chance of 'remolding' your holster with a hair dryer? We find that our customers want the ability to tighten or loosen the holster how they see fit.

Here at Raw Dog Tactical we feel that having quick access to your firearm is very important. This is why we have incorporated a combat cut design into all of our holsters. Most other competitors will leave a big chunk of leather blocking your hand from getting a full grip quickly. Some even charge you extra for this very important feature. Our holsters come with a combat cut at no additional cost.

Mostly all rivets will break or come apart at some point in time, this is why we use high quality top post screws on all of our holsters to keep your firearm secure on an every day carry basis. We certainly do not want your holster falling apart in the middle of public because of cheap rivets. Screws also give you the ability to take apart the holster for a good cleaning, we all know how dirty a holster can get from using it everyday.

Don't settle for cheap imitation holsters that lose retention!